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The styles and types of Wedding Photography to Know Before Hiring A Photographer

Nov 7


We're all aware that traditional wedding photography has become obsolete and in the past. What about pre-wedding photos? Do you want a variety of styles on your wedding day? Before you interview photographers, make sure you know which style reflects your personality.


There are a variety of styles of wedding photography. The all-American classic look or a more abstract modern shot is something that will keep your wedding day memorable for many years to come!

You may be wondering which type is best for you. Let me tell you.

Regular wedding photography


A wedding is an unforgettable occasion that is worthy of being documented. The wedding is a time of celebration that includes everything: the music playing, everyone dancing by themselves or with their family and friends. It's an emotional rollercoaster ride for everyone! These moments will last a lifetime. You can get your whole marriage recorded for you to look back at them at any time you want.

It's essential to capture every moment on video so that there are no regrets later when life gets hectic.

Photography of the Wedding Pre- and Post-Wedding


The pre and post-wedding shoots tend to be more personal than the typical form of photography. They are focused on a personal relationship between two people, rather than a complete wedding reception or ceremony that is accompanied by guests. Modern couples are able to be their own and not be embarrassed by the clothes others wear.


Pre/Post Wedding photoshoots capture true emotions from accumulated jitters at weddings: The bride's nervousness prior to walking down the aisle; groomsmen shaving off facial hair for the second time in his life because he wants everything just right - these shots let them show their real personas.

Drone Photography

Drones are a great tool for capturing the aerial perspective of your wedding, providing it with that mysterious wild look. This is especially useful when you are planning to have an outdoor wedding or reception that takes place amid the beauty of nature. Drones will enable us to look up at things more than with our eyes.


The use cases for this type of photographer for weddings in Las Vegas cover everything from unusual angles in sunset shots taking pictures of all sorts of scenery, such as mountainsides that are surrounded by snow-capped peaks, and having dramatic pictures taken high up on mountains.


Let's have a look at some of the most sought-after wedding photography styles:


Traditional Photography

This is the oldest type of wedding photography. This is the most traditional form of wedding photography. It has a formal and stiff look that transports us to the time before the weddings of our parents. While contemporary designs are becoming more popular for newlyweds, some couples still like traditional wedding photos in their albums.


Wedding Photography Photographic

Photojournalistic wedding photography is the most popular option for newlyweds. It captures the best moments and keeps a close eye on the bride and groom. This type doesn't let you feel its presence, yet allows you to capture everything that is wonderful about your big day and can be easily missed in more formal and formal types of images, such as portraits, or receptions in which guests are expected to dress in their Sunday best attire!


Lifestyle Photography

The photographer will work together with you to design the style that best suits your style and personality. The photographer will collaborate with you to come up with a style that suits your preferences and personality.


Vintage Photography

It isn't easy to create a photorealistic photo album. You don't want your photos to appear fake, however, you shouldn't make them completely natural as it would take away from the old-fashioned feel! It is the best option to think about this type of style is for those who aren't sure of what they're seeing when looking at their own photos or just browsing online galleries is to ensure that there aren't any obvious effects such as lenses directing light towards the subject in particular photos that could ruin everything about how "real" these photos appear when viewed from a close distance.


Fine Art Photography

What do you need to be an artistic photographer? The ability to see and think clearly and with a sense of creativity is essential to being an artist-photographer. As with everything it is subject to some degree of subjectiveness when you are dealing with art; however, this is only applicable to style, not the things being displayed on the camera - since we're all aiming at creating something beautiful! These two abilities are able to produce photographs that are both dreamy and focused on execution. The two can clash as each person has their own style. Communication might be difficult between clients that are looking for somebody "artsy" and those who do not want their work to look polished, however, they want to be elegant enough that people will be able to remember your photo for years to come.


Dramatic Wedding Photography

The contemporary fashion-inspired editorial or you can call it dramatic wedding photography style is what will make your wedding day memorable. While this type of photographs requires a lot of setups and props, the final result is stunning! The only problem? The problem?,-115.1452045,17z/data=!3m1!4b1!4m5!3m4!1s0x80c8c3550966aab9:0x85e9fbe5b63478bc!8m2!3d36.1967051!4d-115.1430158?hl=en-IR

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