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The price of biltong in the UK

Sep 1

There is a large community of South Africans ex-pats in the UK.

Many South Africans that move over compare prices and because of that they, are often shocked at what they have to pay for biltong over here.

Don't know what biltong is? Imagine your favourite outdoor adventure, and then imagine the perfect snack to make it even better.

Biltong can be enjoyed practically anywhere - from an early morning hike or gym session to long hours spent studying or watching TV come dinner time - so buy some today!

Because of the price of biltong in the UK, many South African's make their own at home.

Don't feel like making your own biltong?

Visit our online shop and try our Award Winning Biltong instead.

We received a 5 Star Food hygiene rating in our last audit and you can visit the Food Standards Agency website for more info.

Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.

Leave us a note on checkout and tell us if you like it lean or with a bit of fat. Whole biltong pieces are available on request.

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