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Bounce House Rentals and Inflatable Water Slides

Jul 28

New Orleans Bounce House Rentals provide a fun and healthy activity for children of all ages. In addition, they give kids (and adults) a great workout and a break from their digital devices.

Inflatable bounce houses have become a staple at most birthday parties and community events. Running this type of business can be a profitable endeavor for the right person.

Water slide rentals

Inflatable Water Slides are a great way to cool off on those hot summer days. They provide tons of fun for the kids and adults alike. There is nothing quite like racing down a giant water slide and splashing into an ice cold pool. Water slides are perfect for outdoor parties, backyard birthdays, school events, church festivals, community gatherings and even block parties.

Inflate a theme - Bounce house themes can help make your child's birthday party feel like a special event. We have many themed bounce houses to choose from that will match your party's theme perfectly. Just let us know your child's favorite character or maybe a specific movie or TV show and we will make sure you get the right bounce house for their big day.

Water obstacle rentals - Adding a water activity to your bounce house rental in New York City will turn it into a fun water park. This is a great choice for kids who love climbing and sliding. Water obstacle rentals include inflatable water slides, splash pads and more.

Themed bounce house rentals - Bounce houses in themes such as princess castles, superheroes, race cars and more are a great way to complete your child's party theme. These themed bounce houses will have matching accessories such as tunnels, obstacles and more that will all tie together to create a seamless experience for your guests.

Inflatable water slide rentals - A water slide is the perfect way to bring the bounce house fun to your next summer party in New York City. It combines all the best elements of a bounce house and turns it into a fun wet wonderland.

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