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Far East Organization owns more than 55,000 homes including Reserve Residences that were bought within Singapore

May 31

The Reserve Residences - Prime Location

Reserve Residences located in the region which is the most sought-after in Bukit Timah. It is among the sought-after homes within an estate in Singapore. A highly sought-after regions, Bukit Timah located in Singapore is a place with a number of advantages. For starters the Reserve Residences is located within an educational zone, which comprises the Bukit Timah's Timah Primary School as well as Pei Hwa Presbyterian Primary School within the same area. It is located in the Reserve Residences is situated in a tranquil zone that is within walking distance of several retail outlets. Residents enjoy a standard of living that is unparalleled.

The Reserve Residences leasehold area is distinctive in particular due to its location in The Bukit Timah region, with a variety of stores, including shopping malls. Accessibility to these shops makes them an ideal choice for people who like shopping for essentials for living. There's a range of stores in Bukit Timah. Bukit Timah is a popular area is. Residents of Reserve Residences ' Reserve Residences residents will be amazed at the array of options offered. The residences are only five minutes from Bukit Timah's MRT Beauty World Station. Bukit Timah is a key location for reference in different areas in Singapore and is also the central area of the Singapore City. This property is located in a beautiful, lush valley. The residents of The Reserve Residences enjoy the benefits of being in the middle and central zone. With its various possibilities for public transport, Bukit Timah is a central area that is easy to accessibility.

The Reserve Residences comprised of the existing mixed-development units was initially disclosed by URA as an concept tender that allows bidders to participate of the auction for The Reserve Residences site. The tender that was announced by URA solicits bidders to submit their concepts as well as estimates of the price of the concept they want to build. The idea presented the The Reserve Residences will be evaluated in accordance with the established standards. The concepts selected will be assessed by analyzing the cost. The URA plans to extend it to one shopping center and transportation hub, and also a redesign to accommodate Beauty World.

It is essential that the Reserve Residences buildings of conceptual designs must include pedestrian paths, public spaces, and lavish interiors. Additionally the design should be compatible with the facilities available to the general public. This is an essential aspect of any residential or commercial property. An official from URA representatives from the URA members of The URA URA will examine the idea to determine if the proposed design is in harmony to what is required for the site. The one which is most beneficial will be chosen to be the next step of review. The decision on the awarding site is decided by URA at its discretion.

The tenders bids on tenders for the Jln Anak Bukit concept tender were made available to the consortium headed by Far East Organization. The consortium consists of FE Landmark, FE Residences Trustee and FEC Retail Trustee. The project is scheduled to go into operation before the 30th of June in 2020.

Residences in the reserve Residences Bukit Timah have access to the Botanic Gardens located within the Botanic Gardens that covers 85 acres of site located in Singapore's top UNESCO World Heritage Site. The area is accessible by public transportation, and excellent schools are in close proximity and are located in The Orchard Road belt. Although it's situated in the central part of the city Bukit Timah is still able to provide residents with an a warm and welcoming atmosphere which is ideal for families seeking to teach their children.

The initial concept of The Reserve Residences located in Far East indicates that the project which will comprise comprises The Jalan Anak Bukit Condominium is a mixed-use property that will bring the advantages of development of an expanding residential and commercial place. The Reserve Residences will serve as a central hub for transportation that will improve access and quality region surrounding the property and the people who reside within Beauty World. The project will comprise spaces for commercial and residential usage, as well as the bus station which is located on the second floor and beautiful public areas. The idea is to create a lively and vibrant urban space in Beauty World. The development will enhance the appeal to visitors of Beauty World. Beauty World estates will be beautiful with attractive designs, with pedestrian-friendly streets as well as spaces that are designed for hosting gatherings.

The development plan will encompass the dining, retail and entertainment zones in addition to the area will comprise one hundred acres which will form the Plaza. The development plan will be an integral part of Beauty World. Beauty World. Beauty World estate. The planned development will feature rooftop gardens as well as terraces that are dotted with trees. The roof gardens will blend into the structure overall and will give the street a bit of green. The development is expected to comprise 845 luxury apartments, which will be the equivalent of the equivalent of 36 levels in elevation.

The plan for development will include the dining, retail, and entertainment zones and the space will be one hundred acres which will form the Plaza. The development plan will be an integral part of Beauty World. Beauty World. Beauty World estate. The planned development will feature terraces and rooftop gardens that will be surrounded with trees. The rooftop gardens will be integrated into the structure overall and will give the street a bit of green. The proposed development is expected to have 845 luxurious apartments, which will be 37 floors in height.

Far East Organization

The Far East, in conjunction with its Hong subsidiaries in Hong Kong, Sino Group, is one of Asia's largest real estate companies. Under its umbrella is several investment and developer companies operating across Singapore, Hong Kong, Malaysia, China; and Australia.

Since 1960 and right from its at the time of its initial in the year 1960 of the Group was an property developer as well as an administrator. The company also manages property that covers the complete range of real estate , from retail to residential as well as healthcare and commercial.

The largest private property company has its headquarters at Singapore; Far East Organization is an important factor in the growth of Singapore and comprises over seventy-eight properties within its portfolio. The company has more than 55,000 residences, which is a ratio of one in six houses that were purchased by residents of Singapore. Singapore is the largest residential property owned by private individuals. property.

Far East Organization is committed to creating products that enhance the lives of its clients. The company has been awarded Eleven FIABCI World Prix d'Excellence awards which is the most valuable real estate prize on the world.